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Panic Bar Installation

Overcrowded places could be hard to evacuate from in emergency situations. Narrow exit, locks with doorknob don’t help to leave the building quickly. That’s why panic bars are an obligatory exit device for every commercial building, shopping centers, restaurants, museums, schools and hospitals, and all places where public gatherings are inevitable.

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High-quality Panic Bars for Your Building

Except for a fast and easy opportunity to leave the building, push bars also help to extend the door’s exploitation time. A panic bar is a durable exit device. It easily can handle high traffic, careless attitude, and constant use. Have you been wondering how to save money on frequent lock replacement or repair in your commercial building? Panic door hardware installation is your best solution. Being your best door partner, A1 Doors Services will provide panic door installation professionally and at a reasonable price. Just give us a call!

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Panic Bars Installation & Repair Cost

Panic bar installation cost depends on different factors. The price of exit hardware depends on its producer pricing policy and on the model you need. The average price fluctuates between $129-199*. If you want your push bars to look more luxurious or to suit your building style, you can order a different finish than stainless steel. For example, your panic bars could be bronze or brass. Another factor that has a big impact on the final price is what you will choose for the other side of the door. If there’s no need to enter the building through this door, then there’s no need to install a lock on the outside. This approach has some serious advantages. Since there’s no lock to manipulate, no one can enter the door. In the case when you need a lock on the outside, you can choose one depending on your budget and goals. Techs from A1 Doors Services will gladly help you not only to install panic bars but also to choose the most suitable one.

In case you already have panic bars in your building, their repair will cost you less than installation. To repair one panic bar costs - $99 - 149*.

*Including $95 service call. The final price may be different. A more accurate price will be provided depending on the specifics of the requested service, hour, service area, and emergency.

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